Anticorpi - Book Series Cover Design
Featured on 2009 Italian Illustrators Annual

«Anticorpi» is the italian for «Antibodies». This book series deals with commonplace categories of people from a psychological and sociological point of view. Graphic design is based on an unusual and violent color palette in order to make the covers pop up from the bookshop crowd. Illustrations have been drawn in the last step with the left hand - I'm right handed - to express the social/psychical uneasiness of the handled categories. The image concepts are stereotypical, as well as the prejudices about these subjects.

3 colors print: Black + Pantone Silver + Pantone Fluo
© Fulvio Bisca / Centro Scientifico Editore
20 Types of women
Left: Psychology of North Italians. Right: Psychology of South Italians.
Left: TV Characters. Right: 20 Types of Men.
Illustration for 10 Types of Couples.
Illustration for Wicked Women (pencil sketch before clean-up session)
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