Pilli en plein air - Watercolor on paper
Your Name/Number? - Pencil on prepared paper + digital
Your Name/Number? (Autistic Remix Version) - Pencil on prepared paper + digital + alcohol + scratching
Tina Hopland shot by Billy Kidd became a teenage werewolf in Cairo - Pencil + marker on paper
VDM - Digital
Eli - Pencil + markers on paper
Isobelle - Pencil on paper + digital
Philip K. Dick (Do electric sheep dream of androids?) - Pencil + marker on postal envelope
Vera & Sergio (Vendetta / Superfigo meets his Doom) - Pencil on paper
June - Vintage photo (unknown photographer) + digital (Published in Miele Magazine)
Pulcinello (No ID# Mask) - Acrylic on board (Private collection)
Body Performer - Markers on prepared paper
Self Portrait as a Sick Ol'Man - Pencils & Markers on prepared paper + digital
«Oh, listen, just one more thing...»
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