Cutoff Pro is a typeface family developed in 4 styles and released through URW++

The first plain weight of Cutoff was designed in 2005 to be used in Miele, an independent Italian free magazine. The need was for an elegant, unusual and legible semi-serif with contemporary flavour. I was fascinated by the deconstructivist work of Jeff Keedy (Hard Times Thick), Phil Baines (Can You, You Can) and Otl Aicher (Rotis), so my aim was to get the feeling of a cut transitional typeface; at the same time felt the exigence to work on the whole shape of the glyphs, in order to soften the 90s deconstructivist effect and obtain a more balanced and readable design.

In the following years I further worked on the typeface adding the other styles, extending the character set and refining the letterforms. Finally the precious collaboration with URW++ brought in 2010 to a complete OpenType Pro font family, with multilingual and advanced typographic features.

• Designer: Fulvio Bisca
• Design year:

Release date: September 2010
• Publisher:

OpenType OTF, Windows/Mac TTF

Glyph coverage:
Latin, West Europe, Central Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, Cyrillic, Greek

OT Features:
aalt c2sc case dnom frac kern liga lnum numr onum ordn pnum smcp sups tnum

Glyph count: Regular=835; Italic=620; Bold=835; Bold-Italic=620; Total=2910

"Cutoff Pro" is a trademark of URW++

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